Going Green

We are making the move towards becoming a “green” practice in a bid for complete self-sustainability. This has always been an important issue for the firm and we wish to play our part in creating a better future.

As part of achieving this goal, we have implemented the following:

  • New solar panels have been installed to fully cover our heating & energy needs
  • Switched to a “green” energy provider for any excess energy needed
  • Planting “butterfly & bee friendly zones” & trees in and around our new parking areas
  • Battery recycling point
  • All food waste is collected and composted
  • Mixed recycling bins are prominent in the office kitchen
  • We are a paperless office, thereby avoiding unnecessary printing
  • All our post is scanned, uploaded and shredded
  • We use the shredded paper and HMRC letters as bedding in our duck and chicken coops
  • Presentations to staff to educate on best practice

Future developments

  • Provision of staff electric car charging points
  • VCS beehives and honey production
  • Conversion of surrounding fields into wildflower meadows